Reviews - Timely Persuasion


The Good, The Bad, The Average And Unique

“High-concept films and novels definitely have their place, and Timely Persuasion fits solidly in that category. I enjoyed it for its substantial cleverness, breezy style, and pleasingly convoluted plot, which had just enough pathos at the end to give the journey some substance.”

-Devon Kappa,

“Mr LaCivita's prose is polished and engaging, with the author's passion for rock and roll coming off very clearly in this story. One of the biggest reasons why I enjoy reading Timely Persuasion is because the author's passion for his subject matter is evident and even infectious.”

-Mrs. Giggles,

“Masterfully intricate time traveler novel that will appeal to the time travel geek on steroids, the existential philosopher, or the casual read-on-the-beach vacationer. LaCivita has weaved a great Twilight Zone caper into a Sartre-esque treatise on who we are, where we are or why we are. Truly original!”


“I'm...reading this book Timely Persuasion and it actually explains some things for me about what Faraday might be experiencing.”

-Apocolyptika, Lostpedia Forums

“I love books. I have a library in my home. Danny Wallace, AJ Jacobs, and Jacob LaCivita are favorites because they write really random things.”

-Danielle Ragavanis, Facebook “25 Things”